• Acrylic or gel nails? Have you tried any of them before?

  • Which one do you like more?

  • Which skirt?

  • ???

  • Curled or straightened?

  • Rainbow highlighters win over metallic ones?

  • Which look is your fav?

  • Totes or clutches?

  • Which hand tattoos do you prefer?

  • which one did you like on grammys??

  • which one's costume do you like??

  • Which one do you adore more? The wide leg office pants or maxi skirt look?

  • Are you more likely to wear a loose fitted sweater dress or a tight fitted one?

  • Which are you more likely to wear?

  • Which one is your fave?

  • ???

  • Do you like her pantsuit or low V-neck dress more?

  • Glossy, matte, glittery or all natural?

  • Which one do you like the most?

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